What is Health-a-Porter?

Health-a-Porter is a platform for preventative health. 

We all believe in the old saying 'prevention is better than a cure', but research shows that less than 36% of Australians are getting the recommended health checks for their age. We are here to help.

Our mission is to make prevention personal, relevant and easy to follow through.

Our articles are written by researchers, medical and allied health professionals and conceived with the end user in mind. We cut through the clinical jargon to bring you straightforward advice can be easily incorporate to your daily life. 

Our community bring that health advice to life - be inspired to keep healthy and motivated to achieve your goals. 

Our Health Nudge packages up all that information into a personalised checklist, making sure you are only presented with health checks that matters to you, at the right time. 

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The Health Nudge is an online tool to help you keep track of your health checks, hassle free.

You take 2 minutes to complete your basic profile information (such as age, gender and weigh) and we turn it into a personalised health checklist that tells you what checks you should be doing and when.

Q: Is the Nudge free?
YES! Entirely cost AND hassle free. It takes only 2 minutes to create your personalised profile.

Q: What is the Health Nudge based on?
A: The Health Nudge application was created by Australian General Practitioners, and is based on recommendations from organisations such as the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and the Australian Cancer Council. 

Q: Should I take the Nudge as a definitive list and not discuss with my GP about it?
No! The Nudge is meant to be the first step to start a discussion with your GP about preventive care.

What exactly is Health Nudge?


Why prevention?


Chronic diseases, like heart disease, cancer and diabetes are the leading cause of illness, disability and death in Australia. Health checks and screening tests can find these diseases early, when they're easier to treat.

Still, a large proportion of people don't have screening test. Only 36.0% people invited to participate in screening for bowel cancer in 2013 and 2014 returned a completed kit for analysis. For breast cancer, little over half (53.7%) of women aged 50–69 participated in BreastScreen Australia program.* 

Sadly, real people lie behind these statistics. Anyone who has a friend or family member that gets diagnosed with a preventable disease, be it cancer, diabetes or heart disease, has seen how debilitating, stressful and overall painful that illness journey is.

Health-a-Porter helps you manage your preventive health screenings in a simple and intuitive way.  


*Source: Australia's Health Tracker (2016) and AIHW (2015)